Benefits Of Direct Rental

  • No service fee.  Renting direct will save you money.
  • All our condos are on the top floor with a great view . . . nobody above you for additional privacy.
  • The Indian Rocks Beach and Treasure Island condos are next to each other and can accommodate larger groups and friends & families for booking convenience.
  • You can find us on VRBO and FloridaRentals.  VRBO #’s 369944, 240409, 3687914, 333351, 4276870, 7486264 and FloridaRentals #’s 1173, 1174, 1175, 1176, 1177 & 4887.  
  • Of course you found us here - our “Direct Rental Site.”
  • You can see our reviews on VRBO and Florida Rentals.  There are more reviews on VRBO because we have been there since 2009.  All our properties with VRBO are Premier Partner status and we average 4.9 out of 5.0.  You can reserve through VRBO and we will honor bookings that come through VRBO to maintain our Premier Partner status.  
  • Of course you can reach us by phone, e-mail if needed.
  • We use VRBO as our master calendar and that keeps the and calendars current.
  • “If” we have specials we run them on FloridaRentals (condo #’s above) and also place specials on the descriptive headers of the VRBO listings (condo #’s above.)
  • There is a five or six night minimum depending on the time of the year.  That minimum is reflected next to the weekly pricing.  We price weekly with a 10% discount for seven nights stays or more.
  • We make every attempt to rent weekend to weekend - for best pricing and to accommodate guests.  We generally do not rent mid-week to mid-week far in advance as it can take up multiple rental weeks.  The end result is better pricing for your weekend to weekend stay.
  • Most of our repeat guests contact us directly.
  • We provide secure transactions and immediate confirmation of your reservation.
  • The rental agreement follows within 24 hours for your review, signature and return.

WE ARE EASY TO REACH . . . text us or call and if we don’t pick up we will get right back to you (615) 364-1944 or (270) 792-5031.

Thank you,
Rick and Charlotte

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